Friday, February 13, 2009

On the love song

On this path of love song
We have been together since long
The beautiful moments we share
And two as one in our every prayer

Can feel the same warmth in ur breath
Still now when u come near
And when ur lips rest on mine
Still it gives the same shiver

Our love is still so new
Like the freshness of morning dew
Sometimes we were apart
Touchwood those moments were few

Even now deep in ur eyes
Can see how much u care
Can listen to ur heartbeats in me
Thats why I never fear

So many memories in loveland
Written on the golden sand
Am so much blessed one
Being secure and safe in ur hand

Lets play the love rhythm again
Lets step together and dance
Let our souls meet in passion
When still we have chance

Come now,love music is on
Hold me in ur arms
We will keep going on
Till enchanted with love charms

Wish the heaven shower rainbows
Wish now each love ray shine
Can I take the oppurtunity to say
In every life,wish u be always mine.