Friday, January 4, 2008

Two of us

Always think how two of us r

near so near yet other times far

will never forget,that special day

when you have crossed my way

then the coffee shop and sweet talk

by the ocean our stroll and walk

And as the time moved by

we were silken bond

happiest in life were we

for eachother we have found

remember the seconds you have poured

to make our dream come true

sometimes there were days alike

when i was away from u

your vivid whispers in my ears

in the time of despair

remember your gentle care

and soothening words of assure

sometimes we also had fight

proving that we both r right

and then sitting even in same place

there used to be spoken silence

then the feeling of lonliness

we used to search for words

to convey the loving thoughts

from mine to your heart

but when we didnt find any road

by just looking in eyes.we burst in smiles

coz this journey is so long

we have to cross miles and miles

our knot is tied to be forever

coz we r made to be together.

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Will u be there

Will u be there to be with me always
whenever i will need u as myself
when in dark clouds i get lost
will u be there as sunray to guide me
over the path of life,holding my hand
will u take me to the world where the stars meet
were the warmth of hugs never die
in your arms i will feel and cry then
when u will lingere on my cheeks
as my shining tears,with happiness
will u feel my world ,with life of love
i want you to be mine,to hold me tight
to never leave me anytime in this world alone
and the one i will adorn for whole journey
so will u give me that love,to love me?.

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