Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bless me O lord

Bless me ?O ? lord
I pray that I need your help
To control the waves and tides in me
And keep my mind in peace.

Bless me ?O? lord
To think in positive way
My words won?t hurt anyone
And always truth I will say

Bless me ?O? lord
so I can also help others
give me that strength
with which I can hide my tears

Bless me ?O? lord
Help me to choose right path
Wrongly if I cross the borders
Please guide me and correct.

Bless me ?O? lord
Life seems to be in circles
Where ever I fail in life
Please show your miracles

Bless me ?O? lord
So I can control my worry
Shower me always with blessings
keep on me always your shining glory.