Tuesday, April 29, 2008



When u make ur cute smile
And then call me from behind
I cnt understand any of ur words
But can feel the affection so kind
And when u put ur cheek on mine
And give hugs and kisses in a line
I can feel warmth in ur touch
Ur heart has a golden shine
Ur not selfish,ur so pure
This I can say
Coz u love all
In the same way
Today this quality is so rare
Coz now the world is very soar
So many unwanted things happen here
But no one has time to think and care
Don?t ever change in ur life
Keep all nice qualities as same
I also wish to become like u
Oh baby the innocent one.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Real freedom
so many days ,or years we can say
nation has moved on road long and long
never ending,still not tired
searching searching something
for its countries beloved people
the reddish orange love in each heart
white calmness in the days of war
the greenery every were which can spread
the central chakra to move faster
so nation can go high and high up
towards the real freedom
which it had dreamt for itself
still waiting for that moment..
blindly travelling for that way.....