Friday, August 21, 2009


one step with u
parallel to your step
and i havn't seen back after that

my past was burried
deep within
somewere in corner of mind

same shimmering sun
seemed new on the horizon
same old song,sung eachday by cuckoos
seemed having new emotions

i had walked so long alone
but real journey started
after u have joined my heart

journey which i wish never ends
journey which will go far along...

Monday, April 27, 2009

magic touch

In my mirror mind

something seems reflecting

visual to outer world

as my face keeps glowing

it's just a natural smile

for others who saw

inside soul entangled with

all shades of rainbow

when cool breeze is blowing

feel ur fragrance around flowing

heart's ponding with peacock dance

where r my senses going

am not within myself

nothing desire much

feel like am being in heaven

effect of ur magic touch.

Friday, February 13, 2009

On the love song

On this path of love song
We have been together since long
The beautiful moments we share
And two as one in our every prayer

Can feel the same warmth in ur breath
Still now when u come near
And when ur lips rest on mine
Still it gives the same shiver

Our love is still so new
Like the freshness of morning dew
Sometimes we were apart
Touchwood those moments were few

Even now deep in ur eyes
Can see how much u care
Can listen to ur heartbeats in me
Thats why I never fear

So many memories in loveland
Written on the golden sand
Am so much blessed one
Being secure and safe in ur hand

Lets play the love rhythm again
Lets step together and dance
Let our souls meet in passion
When still we have chance

Come now,love music is on
Hold me in ur arms
We will keep going on
Till enchanted with love charms

Wish the heaven shower rainbows
Wish now each love ray shine
Can I take the oppurtunity to say
In every life,wish u be always mine.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Today on the road
While I was passing by
Saw u there
Thro corner of my eye

Since long we r not in touch
My fault I had forgoten u as such
Now all emotions,
Overwhelmed inside
Logging into old memories
Seeing u beside

Remembered ur cold touch
And ur kiss on my lips
Loved the way u drooled on my neck
And sometimes u on my nose tips

Couldn't control myself
To feel the same u again
So am near there u
Please come in my hands

The feel is so good
With u this world I forgot
Together we make good seen
Love always being with u
Ohh my delicious icecream.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bless me O lord

Bless me ?O ? lord
I pray that I need your help
To control the waves and tides in me
And keep my mind in peace.

Bless me ?O? lord
To think in positive way
My words won?t hurt anyone
And always truth I will say

Bless me ?O? lord
so I can also help others
give me that strength
with which I can hide my tears

Bless me ?O? lord
Help me to choose right path
Wrongly if I cross the borders
Please guide me and correct.

Bless me ?O? lord
Life seems to be in circles
Where ever I fail in life
Please show your miracles

Bless me ?O? lord
So I can control my worry
Shower me always with blessings
keep on me always your shining glory.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008



When u make ur cute smile
And then call me from behind
I cnt understand any of ur words
But can feel the affection so kind
And when u put ur cheek on mine
And give hugs and kisses in a line
I can feel warmth in ur touch
Ur heart has a golden shine
Ur not selfish,ur so pure
This I can say
Coz u love all
In the same way
Today this quality is so rare
Coz now the world is very soar
So many unwanted things happen here
But no one has time to think and care
Don?t ever change in ur life
Keep all nice qualities as same
I also wish to become like u
Oh baby the innocent one.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Real freedom
so many days ,or years we can say
nation has moved on road long and long
never ending,still not tired
searching searching something
for its countries beloved people
the reddish orange love in each heart
white calmness in the days of war
the greenery every were which can spread
the central chakra to move faster
so nation can go high and high up
towards the real freedom
which it had dreamt for itself
still waiting for that moment..
blindly travelling for that way.....

Saturday, February 16, 2008

spring season

Here comes again one more reason
for new celebration of new life
welcome the prince spring season
it will take sorrows away mile

in every mind thousands of blooming thoughts
at this movement be every heart enrich with love
lets spread the silken carpet of flowers
in the valley of emotions to flow.

fallen leaves will be replaced again one by one
happy memories come back turn by turn
tiny pollen grains of sweetness and care
oh my beloved wind everywhere u blow

welcome welcome prince spring season
music from flute is on the roll.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Only you and me.

Ever since u confessed,
Am urs ,and u mine
My Thoughts have changed there,
All paths and lines

Everything circles around u
My day ,my night,
Before the time never passed
Now cnt tk u out of sight

Whatever I try to think in mind
U r always first,
Hv never mate u
Still have , lot of trust

Never had the feeling so good
Is this love what people say
Then am in love with u
Want to convey

Something has changed in my inside
Something which I cnt explain
Within me there is happiness
Glittering always.

Now waiting for that time
When I can see,
That movement so special
Which will belong
Only to you and me.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Two of us

Always think how two of us r

near so near yet other times far

will never forget,that special day

when you have crossed my way

then the coffee shop and sweet talk

by the ocean our stroll and walk

And as the time moved by

we were silken bond

happiest in life were we

for eachother we have found

remember the seconds you have poured

to make our dream come true

sometimes there were days alike

when i was away from u

your vivid whispers in my ears

in the time of despair

remember your gentle care

and soothening words of assure

sometimes we also had fight

proving that we both r right

and then sitting even in same place

there used to be spoken silence

then the feeling of lonliness

we used to search for words

to convey the loving thoughts

from mine to your heart

but when we didnt find any road

by just looking in eyes.we burst in smiles

coz this journey is so long

we have to cross miles and miles

our knot is tied to be forever

coz we r made to be together.

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